Should You Repair or Replace Your Appliance?

Should you replace or repair a broken kitchen appliance? Ace Alhambra Appliance Repair helps homeowners answer this tough question in the post here:

The appliances in your kitchen are a true investment and when one of your appliances starts under performing or is malfunctioning, it might be difficult to choose whether it is time to replace it or call appliance repair Alhambra.

There are many factors to think about before choosing something dependent on individual needs and circumstances, including wanting to upgrade your appliances during a renovation or remodel.

Ace Alhambra Appliance Repair in Alhambra has offered a series of important questions to ask yourself to assist with the process on whether it’s the right time to replace a kitchen appliance or call an appliance repair company in Alhambra, CA.

What is the Age of the Appliance?

The estimated lifespan of an appliance varies based on the model:

Refrigerator – 10 to 13 years
Electric Range – 10 to 13 years
Gas Range – 12 to 15 years
Dishwasher – 7 to 10 years
Freezer – 8 to 11 years
Microwave – 7 to 10 years

As your kitchen appliances reach or exceed their lifespan, it becomes less cost effective to complete major repair services. Because digital technology in kitchen appliances continues to improve, you will most likely save money on energy costs by replacing an inefficient model with a more energy efficient model.

How Much Longer Do You Think You Will Live in Your Current Home?

Are you renovating with the intention of continuing to live in your home or selling your home? Do you think you will be moving within the next two to three years? With an old appliance, professional repair or replacement are the two choices, but how much you are willing to in your kitchen is going to depend on your future plans.

Are You Able to Match the Model with the Other Kitchen Appliances?

{Mismatched appliances are not appealing to a lot of homeowners and buyers. You will want to replace only a single part of a group, you will likely be better off to wait to the point where the additional appliances come to the end of their expected lifespans and replace the entire set at the same time.

Is the Kitchen Appliance in Question Still Under the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

If your kitchen appliance is under warranty, you may be able to complete the repair, or replace the unit free of charge. Most manufacturer’s guarantee a 1-year warranty, you can use our useful guide to decide whether your appliance is covered.

Is This the First Time It Has Needed Professional Repair?

Frequent or expensive repairs are one indication that it’s the time to replace your appliance, because the likelihood of another repair services is much higher. Consider the 50 percent rule: If the total cost of the repair is more than half of the total value of a new appliance, consider replacing it.

How Do You Operate in Your Kitchen?

Do you bake or have guests for dinner often, or do you rarely cook in your kitchen? Scheduling appliance repair could be the better choice for homeowners who don’t use their kitchen appliances frequently, as the appliance will remain in better condition much longer than one that undergoes consistent use. If you’ve always wished for a chef’s kitchen, investing in the most advanced models could be the smart choice for you and your home.

Do You Qualify for Tax Rebates or Tax Deductions?

Replacing your old, inefficient kitchen appliance with a newer energy efficient unit might qualify you for tax deductions or incentives.

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Many home appliances are manufactured for outdoor use, such as gas and charcoal grills, for example. If you make us of any electrical appliances outside – including refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers and ice makers, electric tools and others – monitor that all of the plugs and outlets are 100% dry. Using weatherproof electronics help with this, combined with GFCI outlets with gaskets that are water-tight.

Extension Cords are a Momentary Option

Extension cords can pose many risks, including:

The likelihood of loose connections that could result in sparks and cause a fire.
The likelihood of power interruptions that might break the appliance.
Increased susceptibility to moisture penetration that can result in electrocution.
The potential for cords overheating and turning into a fire hazard when an inadequate extension cord is used for a high-power appliance.

When choosing an extension cord for temporary use, be sure that it is the appropriate gauge for the electrical equipment in question. The smaller the gauge, the greater the size for the cord. For example, a basic household extension cord for a garden tool may have a 16-gauge cord while a longer cord for a window air conditioner uses a 12-gauge wire.

The length is also important. The longer the extension cord is, the more electricity is gone on the way, this is called voltage drop. Shorter cords are recommended for electric tools and similar equipment.

Read the Operating Manual for Any Appliance You Buy

It is easy to guess that you know how to use your brand new home appliance without consulting the operating manual, but consulting the manufacturer guidelines is important for a lot of reasons:

You will want to find out if your home’s electrical wiring is enough to support the new appliance. You might need to install a circuit to stop overloading any existing ones.

You learn about complicated features you would not have otherwise known.
You discover if the appliance is safe for outdoor use or not.

You do not have the extreme frustration that can sometimes come from trying to use a appliance with no instructions!

Unplug Small Appliances When Not in Use

You are able to prevent unnecessary energy consumption by unplugging small appliances when you are not using them. The reason is small appliances often include LED lights, timers and other energy-draining features while in standby mode.

Unplug monitors, televisions, modems, printers, internet routers, game consoles, cellphone chargers and more to cut back on wasteful energy use. Just remember, it is a good idea to keep DVRs and similar electronics plugged in to not miss their background features.

For additional tips on using appliances safely, or to call a professional appliance repair service, please contact Ace Alhambra Appliance Repair. Our technicians can fix all major household appliances!


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